Send It To Rishi —
38 Degrees

Rising energy costs are affecting thousands of us, all over the UK. 
38 Degrees came to Don’t Panic, asking us to build a campaign that would capture public opinion and put pressure on the (then) Chancellor, Rishi Sunak to take the plight of the public seriously. 

Since he’s so out of touch, we thought the most direct thing to do would be to encourage people to simply take their soaring energy bill and #SendItToRishi. We enlisted comedian Rosie Holt and campaigner Jolyon Rubinstein to help spread the message even further online. There were over 92,000 signatures on the petition to tax the energy giants by the end of the campaign.

And it worked. Sunak announced a £5billion windfall tax later that month.
(Definitely worth my almost-arrest outside Downing Street!)
Made with the Don’t Panic team.