Samsung —
Brand-funded Podcast

5G is here and people are already beginning to take the steps to harness its incredible power. But regular folks aren’t convinced, the general public doesn’t really understand what the hype is and how transformative this innovation will be.

Coinciding with the launch of their 5G-ready handsets, Samsung wanted to become thought leaders in the 5G space. So we created a brand-funded podcast that made the amazing inventions more tangible, accessible and entertaining for our audience.

My creative partner and I produced ‘Whatever Next?’ a weird and wonderful tech podcast hosted by Dr Hannah Fry and
comedian Suzi Ruffell. Armed with the insight, specialist guests and sometimes even the tech itself - these two present eight episodes that introduce the incredible impact that 5G will have on our world.

The podcast was recorded at Samsung KX and promotion for it ran across Time Out, Metro, Social + Web, as well as on Piccadilly.

Find updates on all the episodes here.