“Georgia is as annoyingly talented as she is annoyingly humble. She’s also annoyingly intelligent, annoyingly well read and annoyingly hardworking. Her thirst for knowledge is thirsty and she has wonderful appreciation of post modern art and film. If only she was one of those people who was difficult to work with or not collaborative...but she’s not. She’s a dream and has a knack for bringing everyone on the creative journey with her. Georgia is set to be annoyingly successful!!” (2021)

– Russell Schaller, ECD

“Georgia is a strategist’s dream to work with: strategically minded and creatively excellent. She makes the difficult seem effortless and can be relied upon for creative work that pushes the boundaries whilst always being on brief. She has been the central creative figure on the NIVEA and NIVEA MEN social accounts where she combines on point social know-how with brand guidelines to great creative effect. She’s collaborative, egoless and conscientious, a real team player.” (2021)

– Christopher James Kneebone, Planning Lead

“I know when I start a project with Georgia I’ll have a clear and concise path until the end. She is always willing to elaborate visually what she is thinking which is a joy for me, as a designer. Her bubbly spirit and can-do attitude makes deadlines days feel as relaxed as having coffee with your friend as opposed to stressing about the details with a colleague. Georgia’s creative mind is inspiring and infectious on the days when I myself have hit a creative wall. She has the ability to see and pull out the most interesting details and make them sing with her quick wit and attention to detail, there has never been a point where I was ever worried to be working with her but instead glad I could share her journey. I’ve worked with Georgia in both large and small accounts in addition to the DE&I council and could not recommend her highly enough.” (2021)

– Cecilia Odong, Creative Designer


“Georgia is an independent worker and consistently brings new ideas to the table, she dedicates herself around the clock to get the job done – as is often required for exhibition installations and openings. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She is competent at time management; often pursuing multiple projects and full-­time work simultaneously.” (2020)

– Alice Bonnot, Independent Curator + Founder of Picnic Gallery and villavilla residency

“Georgia is one of the most mature and hard-working individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She brings her intelligence and enthusiasm to every task at hand and has a real flair for copy-writing, art direction and managing groups of people. She would be a real asset to any company.” (2015)

– Claire Daverley, Marketing Manager + Author

“I had the pleasure of working with Georgia for a year, collaborating on several projects from creative concept to delivery of incredibly successful events. I was particularly impressed by her ability to handle multiple participants, from students to professionals, whilst creatively delivering a complex public event - it takes a lot of responsibility but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. I strongly recommend Georgia to anyone who needs a creative and motivated team member. I hope I get to work with her again!” (2015)

– Raquel Figuiera, Senior Designer